Digital Literacy: Tinkering path (Animated GIF Assignment)

For this assignment, I wanted to try to make an animated Gif because I have never made one before and it looked like a fun skill to have. It was suggested to me to make a GIF of my favorite musician from a YouTube video of theirs. My favorite artist is a south Korean band called BTS, they are amazing vocalists, rappers and dancers and they are one of the best performers that I have ever seen. Even though their music is in different language than mine, I could always feel their emotions. I had a lot of video and performances in my mind, but I decided to choose this performance of one of their songs ON because it has an intense choreography and at the same time they were able to maintain great vocals throughout the performance.

this is the GIF that I created:

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Creating an animated GIF wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, the hardest part was just choosing a website to create it with and selecting the video other than that it was super fun assignment and it actually made me watch a lot of my favorite videos without feeling guilty because it is a part of an assignment.

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